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Important Safari Advice

The following information, introduction and advice regarding your big game and safari experience including game drives at Kwa Madwala has been compiled following detailed research, interviews from past clients and introspection into our safaris offered at Kwa Madwala. In addition we entered into fairly extensive debates and consultations with various top industry tour operators and agents in compiling the information below which we believe will give you the best possible chance of successful large game animal sightings and memories which will last a lifetime. 

After 12 years of commercial operation at Kwa Madwala we have learnt the following which we wish to pass on and share with you so that you capitalize on the knowledge we have accumulated over several years in an instant. Should you choose to follow this simple advice in terms of your safari experience you are sure to raise your chances of a really spectacular safari with several large game sightings as have been experienced by all of our past clients who followed the safari combination listed below.   

70% of our clientele especially our international clientele are invariably visiting Kwa Madwala primarily for one reason, that being their safari experience or at least it’s fairly high on their priority list. In most cases our clients travel several thousands of miles to visit us and spend large amounts of money in airfares and travel arrangements to get themselves here, the very least we can do is offer you the best possible correct advice regarding your safari. Whether you take it or not remains your personal decision and we are obviously always flexible in adhering to our client’s specific requests and requirements within reason. 

For this reason and in the event that you are visiting Kwa Madwala specifically for the game drives, animal sightings and big game safari experiences we recommend a minimum 3 night stay with a combination of the following safari experiences:

  • Three Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve game drives – either 2 morning drives and one afternoon/ evening drive or alternatively  two afternoon drives and one morning drive. See Game drives – Kwa Madwala.
  • One half or full day Kruger National Park game drive – either the morning half of the full day or the afternoon half of the day. See Game Drives – Kruger National Park.
  • A Kwa Madwala Night safari after dinner – See Night Drives
  • A Kwa Madwala walking safari – See Walking Safaris 

Whether you are planning a trip to Kwa Madwala or have just arrived on site we would like you to have this information prior to making any decisions on your safari, budget for it in terms of adequate time and cost albeit at a few dollars, pounds, Euro’s or rands more, and experience one of the best possible safari’s South Africa has to offer.

A safari experience you will find hard to match elsewhere in South Africa – guaranteed!  

The combination of three Kwa Madwala safaris, a Kruger safari, a true night safari and a walking safari has produced many special close encounters and unique animal sightings and experiences which can only be described as the ultimate safari South Africa has to offer. 

This combination has worked extremely well with all our past clients visiting us with high expectation levels of their big game and wilderness experience and in giving them the best of both worlds in terms of Kruger vs. Kwa Madwala and day vs. night. This is by no means to say that Kwa Madwala offers mediocre game viewing in comparison to Kruger but rather that the combination has produced the best overall experience. The Kwa Madwala conservancy in itself offers an excellent game viewing experience with 95% of our clients seeing elephant occasionally leopard and a variety of general game in a 3 drive period. 

It is critically important to note that although the Kruger National Park is a far larger conservancy and is a “closer to natural environment” in comparison to Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve, both these environments are man managed. Natural migration patterns of elephants and wildebeest have been broken by fences in both these eco systems. 

“Natural” is a big word and if one really breaks it down neither the Kruger National Park nor the Kwa Private Game Reserve can qualify for being 100% natural. This is due to the same simple reason – Both of these eco systems are man managed.   

If we are to compare the two types of conservancy: 

Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve is a 2000 hectare independent big game and wilderness conservancy, well stocked in terms of a wide variety of general game. It is a human managed environment. 

Kruger National Park is a 2.2 million hectare independent big game conservancy and National Park with a variety of most game species including the big 5 (lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard) It remains a human managed environment. 

The main differences between the safaris at Kwa Madwala and the safaris into Kruger in terms of eco systems can be described, outlined and defined as follows:

  • Kwa Madwala has for example one family herd of wild elephants one is likely to see in the Kwa Madwala conservancy. This is the case with most smaller and independently fenced conservancies and game parks in South Africa where predator prey relationships need to be carefully managed and monitored.
  • In comparison, Kruger has several herds of elephant, rhino and prides of Lion, however there are large scale management plans in place to ensure specie populations are retained in line with what is scientifically, ecologically and biologically defined as suitable by the various authorities and environmentalists who are employed by Kruger to carry out this function.
  • Kwa Madwala is a smaller managed eco system in comparison to Kruger which is a very large managed eco system with a far greater general variety of species.
  • Kwa Madwala animals can only roam within the 2000ha fenced conservancy giving one reasonable control over sightings within the conservancy in comparison to Kruger where the animals can roam a much larger area in a less restricted environment.

All safaris commence with a ranger briefing and safety talk given by your local, experienced and professional ranger.    

Our safari manager Chris (Big Boy), or his assistants are always available on site to discuss your safari in more detail and to offer additional hands on advice. They can be contacted via email should you be at the stage where you are in the planning phase of your safari and perhaps have a few questions. Please address all such emails to the central reservations email address and your queries will be forwarded to them so that they can communicate with you. 

Should you choose to follow the above advice and experience a safari which does not live up to your expectation I would please like to hear from you as you will be the first. 

Our rangers look forward to entertaining you in a simplistic safari environment and ensuring that you are cared for in true South African hospitality.