Aerial Safari Flights 

Microlight safaris         

Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve is one of a very few private game reserves in South Africa that offer low altitude flights above a safari environment.  This spectacular experience offers an exceptionally panoramic and unobstructed view of a big game and wilderness area.

Be sure to bring along a camera as there are many excellent photographic opportunities.

Microlight flights are conducted from sunrise to sunset.

You will be flying in a fixed wing Bantam Microlight aircraft which has a powerful four stroke six cylinder engine and offers a real sense of power. This aircraft is robust, strong and reliable and ensures even better safety in poor weather and wind.

This aircraft has significantly improved the availability of flights at Kwa Madwala but it must be noted that flights remain weather sensitive, and although there are seldom cancellations it remains the decision of the pilot to confirm the flight on the actual day having finally approved weather conditions. We never take risks and this has resulted in our excellent safety record of the last 8 years of no accidents.

It is advisable to schedule your flight for as soon as possible after you arrive.  Then, in the unusual case of poor weather conditions this can be rearranged for the second or third day of your stay.

Facts about microlighting in South Africa

  • Microlights are not recognised as commercial aircraft and no commercial license is available.
  • It is legal to go for a flight as a passenger in a registered licensed microlight aircraft with a fully qualified microlight pilot and or instructor in possession of a MPL microlight pilot license. This is what Kwa Madwala offers.
  • It is not legal to charge guests in terms of a commercial microlight flight.
  • There are several microlight clubs or training facilities in the country, all of which offer either club membership or introduction to training flights to their clients. This is the only legal way of operating.
  • Kwa Madwala is both a registered club and training facility and until such time as there is an available commercial license our operation will continue to operate as a club, charging membership for its legal and safe Microlight flights.         

Flight options

One Hour Microlight Safari Flight

This focuses on the southern border of Kruger National Park which consists of Crocodile River (30 minutes) and the Kruger National Park concession area (15-20 minutes) as well as along Kwa Madwala’s northern border (10-15 minutes). Expect an accelerated big game experience.

Gold Club Membership rate: R1750-00 per person

Half Hour Microlight Safari Flight

This flight is spent equally divided over the Kwa Madwala Private Game Reserve and along the southern border of the Kruger National park concession area along Kwa Madwala’s northern border. This is a very popular option with our guests who experience a unique adventure not easily matched elsewhere.

Silver Club Membership rate: R1050-00 per person

15 Minute Microlight Safari Flight

This is an introduction experience and a taste of seeing Kwa Madwala from the air. View the Manyatta Rock Camp and experience 15 minutes of exhilarated fun. This flight is for a total of four people per flight booking. In the event there are less than four people who wish to fly please contact reception who will endeavour to make up the numbers.

Bronze Club Membership rate: R650-00 per person

For any further questions on Microlighting in South Africa please email:  specialplaces@workmail.co.za