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Health and Safety 

Your health and safety whilst at Manyatta Rock Camp / Kwa Madwala is of utmost importance and we want all our guests to enjoy a safe and happy time on the reserve.


Our location is classified as a low risk malaria zone and therefore you should seek medical advice on suitable prophylaxis from your health professional. We are fortunate that on the reserve we practically have no mosquitoes due to the two large bat populations which eat the larvae before they can grow into mosquitoes. However this is no guarantee and prevention is better than cure! For those prone to insect bites in general please bring spray repellent and consider a mosquito net. Insects are more likely to be apparent during the hotter and wetter seasons (October-March).

Security on the Reserve

The safety of all guests and visitors to Kwa Madwala is of the utmost importance. Likewise the safety of the wildlife is also of huge importance. The reserve has a 10 feet high electric fence around the whole length of the perimeter. This fence is designed to keep our animals inside the reserve and deters most people from attempting to enter the reserve. We have a roving anti-poaching patrol on property which monitors the fences and deters would be poaching.

The main gate has a 24 hour security and the reserve is considered very safe. Your camp manager and ranger will advise any particular safety issues for your stay at Manyatta and your Ranger will advise guests about safety whilst out game viewing.

Please heed their advice as they have many years experience of the African bush and wildlife.