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Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre & Cheetah Breeding Project

The Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre and the cheetah breeding project are situated with 30 minutes from each other along the western border of the Kruger National Park.

The tour of these two projects departs at 5.00am in all seasons and includes

  • Breakfast
  • A simple lunch at the cheetah breeding project’s restaurant.
  • All entrance fees
  • Guided transfers to and from Kwa Madwala

Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre

Wildlife is brought to the centre from all over South Africa. Once healthy again they are re-introduced back into their natural environment. The animals which cannot be returned to the wild due to their injuries are cared for at the centre and are used to educate the many people who visit each year from across South Africa and abroad.

Another important function of the centre is breeding. It has successfully bred and released into the wild the endangered Crowned eagle and Serval amongst others as well as established breeding facilities for wildlife that must remain homed in captivity.

The centre is a non-profit organisation which relies completely on the support of the public. It was started in 1992 on a game farm owned by a wildlife enthusiast; Mr J A Strijdom. It continues to work hand in hand with other conservation bodies whose objectives are totally for conservation.


The centre how houses confiscated lions from Mozambique circus, leopard, caracal, cheetah, Crowned eagle, Marshall eagle, vultures and many other animals which have been confiscated, orphaned, abandoned or injured. The costs have been high but the centre seems to be able to survive with donations and income from the tours.

Hoedspruit Cheetah Breeding Project

The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre focuses on the conservation of rare, vulnerable or endangered animals and cheetah conservation is one of their main projects. It is actively involved in the breeding of rare animal species, and provides an educational platform for all to learn about conservation and related activities; eco-tourism, the establishment and release of captive bred cheetahs back into the wild and the treatment and rehabilitation of wild animals that have been brought to the centre by the general public.

Following an introductory presentation on the centre day visitors are given an in depth tour. Departing on the hour open safari vehicles with experienced guides move between the various enclosures enabling visitors to view cheetah, wild dog, lions, the black footed cat, African wild cat, ground hornbills, sable antelope and many more.

A great experience is to view the feeding sessions of the various rate African vultures when they swoop down to the ‘vulture restaurant’ to feed on the remains of carcasses. This area attracts White-backed vultures, Hooded vultures, occasionally the Lappet faced vulture and Cape Griffon, the Marabou stork and Bateleur eagle.

This tour is a 3.5 hour drive from Kwa Madwala and we suggest you prepare for a fairly long day. However, it goes without saying it is an experience not to be missed and is thoroughly enjoyable.

Guests will be back in time for dinner by 19.30.

Please note: these tours are not always available on a Sunday. Please check availability in advance