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Leopard Conservation Project

Kwa Madwala has initiated a leopard conservation project which will be integrated  over the next three years. A dedicated team of staff are involved in the project on an ongoing basis. The Leopard Project aims at the following objectives over the next three years:

  • Conditioning of leopards in the Kwa Madwala reserve so that their fear of man is broken down and that they start to associate man with game viewer vehicles and cameras rather then guns, hunting and fear as has been the case in history.
  • Creation, establishment, awareness and enhancement  of Kwa Madwala being a safe haven for leopards in the area.
  • Establish regular sightings of leopard.
  • Establish and compile statistics on leopards in this area.
  • Establish feeding traits and patterns on leopards.
  • Contribute to eco tourism and indirectly to job creation through this magnificent nocturnal animal.

Although sightings are not yet regular at this stage sightings are largely improved on last year and it is our vision that we will have regular sightings of leopard within the not too distant future.
The project is largely reliant of donations, volunteers and Kwa Madwala’s own passionate staff.
Should you want to know more about this exciting conservation initiative feel free to speak to one of the safari managers on site.  Alternatively the managing director would be happy to meet with you and or correspond with you via email with regard to the project in general.