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Rustic African Day Spa


The Kwa Madwala Rustic Day Spa is situated in a private lookout deck in the Manyatta Rock Camp which overlooks the reserve below.

The Spa offers a variety of body massages and treatments which will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Spa treatments available include:

(The Rhino) Deep Tissue Back Massage : 30 min

A 30 minute deep tissue back massage which specifically targets the back, neck and shoulder areas.

(The Bush Baby) Swedish Body Massage : 60 min

A 60 minute medium pressure Swedish full body massage which helps reduce tension, soothes muscles and increases circulation and encourages relaxation.

(The Fauna and Flora) Aromatherapy : 60 min

A 60 minute gentle aromatherapy massage using therapeutic essential oils. This massage stimulates lymphatic circulation and eases away tension.

(The Hippo) Hot Stone Massage : 30 – 60 min

A special re-energising hot stone massage using warm basalt stones which are used to massage the body and create a soothing and harmonising effect.   Back and neck, 30 minutes   Full body, 60 minutes

(The Vulture) Lymph Drainage Massage : 60 min

A gentle 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage to rid the body of toxins and cellulite.

(The Monkey) Indian Head Massage : 30 min

An ancient pressure point 30 minute Indian head massage on the scalp, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and encourage oxygen and nutrients to the muscles hair and skin.

(The Giraffe) Reflexology : 30 min

A 30 minute reflexology pressure point massage applied to the feet to improve circulation and create a sense of well being. This massage stimulates the body to heal and balance itself.

Pedicure : 30 min

Manicure : 30 min

Subject to availability

It is strongly advised to book your Spa Treatments in advance with our reservations department to avoid disappointment